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ShipperHQ SDK

Built for Enterprise Business

Invest in shipping innovation to keep up with customer expectations and business demands, so you can drive next-level growth.

Unlock Your Shipping Potential

  • Flexibility

    Seamlessly integrate ShipperHQ’s APIs into your business systems and tools

  • Power

    Supercharge your shipping experience with access to ShipperHQ’s full suite of solutions

  • Customization

    Build custom integrations for your website and backend solutions

Explore the SDK with API references and examples in our ShipperHQ Developer Platform

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ShipperHQ API Integrations

ERP & CRM Integration

Shipping Rates in Your Business Tools

Give sales and customer facing teams the ability to offer accurate shipping quotes and delivery options directly from the tools they operate in.

“ShipperHQ enabled Yakima Chief Hops to address key business challenges and gain value both for customers and the organization.”

Jordan Gottlieb | Director of Software Engineering, Yakima Chief Hops

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Ecommerce Platform Integration

Gain a Competitive Edge with ShipperHQ in Your Own Ecommerce Platform

Leverage complex shipping rules, tailored shipping rates and methods, product groups, restrictions and more to deliver rates at checkout—all based on your business logic, in any platform.

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OMS Integration

Shipping & Packing Details at Your Fingertips

Access detailed and accurate shipment information directly from your OMS using the information captured at checkout, so you can fulfill orders as promised—saving money and improving the customer experience.

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POS Integration

Personalized Shipping In Your Brick & Mortar

Empower in-store teams to provide accurate and personalized shipping rates at checkout when navigating purchase scenarios like buy in-store, ship to home.

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ShipperHQ for Enterprise Businesses

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