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Logistics Partner

Partnering with ShipperHQ will introduce you to thousands of potential customers looking for logistic solutions, and offer your current customers a powerful checkout experience. Win, win!

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Why work with us?

Perks of partnership

We speak with thousands of merchants every year seeking our expert advice on the options that are right for them. When partnering with SHQ, our team helps merchants find you when you’re the best fit.

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Bypass Multiple Integrations

Integrating with ShipperHQ instantly connects your services to the major ecommerce platforms we support, so you don’t have to integrate directly with each of them.

Priority Support

Our responsive team provides dedicated support from client qualification through final implementation.

Personalized Training

We’ll help you and your team become product experts, with custom training, onboarding sessions, and exclusive sales enablement.

A True Partnership

Our sales team works alongside your reps to create a great checkout experience for both your clients and their end customers.

In the World of eCommerce Shipping

Here's how we fit in

ShipperHQ helps merchants create flexible and profitable delivery options at checkout.

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Join an ecosystem full of opportunity.

Become a ShipperHQ Logistics Partner today and get the expert shipping support and resources you need to become the partner your clients can’t live without.