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Case Study

How Moxi Skates Rolled Into a Higher Profit Margin

  • Sporting Goods
  • Shopify Plus
  • Long Beach, California
  • Dimensional Packing, Shipping Rules, Multi-Origin & Drop Shipping
  • Saved on time with automated and simplified drop shipping fulfillment model

  • Improved online store experience with customized and user-friendly checkout options

  • Cut shipping costs significantly with improved rating accuracy


For skaters by skaters

Moxi Roller Skates is a California-based company that was founded around the community culture of skating. Founder Michelle “Estro Jen” Steilen works to connect with members of the skating community through skate camps, cultivating an audience of like-minded skating enthusiasts. The skates come with more than just a community though. Each pair of Moxi Roller Skates is manufactured with high-quality materials. This is what sets them apart.

The quality speaks for itself...Once you get a pair, you can really see and feel the difference compared to other brands.
Brian Andrews
Ecommerce Manager, Moxi Roller Skates


The perfect storm

At the start of the 2020 pandemic, Moxi skates knew it needed to improve its ecommerce offering. Like many other online sellers in the recreational activity sector, the brand saw a massive uptick in sales as stay-at-home orders took hold.

A perfect storm of high demands, supply chain delays, and unclear fulfillment timelines resulted in frustrated customers. To better serve the growing skating community, the brand replatformed from Shopify to Shopify Plus and integrated with ShipperHQ.

After replatforming to Shopify Plus, Moxi Skates gained the commerce capabilities and customization needed to create unique buying experiences. However, the brand still faced one major problem: inaccurate and unreliable shipping rates.


Improved shipping rates and options

In hopes of lowering shipping costs and improving its bottom line, Moxi Skates turned to ShipperHQ for improved rating accuracy.

“We would have rates that would be drastically incorrect, upward and downward – so we would be taking the loss on shipping,” said Andrews.

Before ShipperHQ, Moxi Skates was regularly undercharging customers by 50%. Essentially, they were stuck with the other half of shipping costs.


The full-service solution

By pivoting to use ShipperHQ’s Dimensional Packing feature, they dramatically increased rating accuracy, significantly lowering their shipping losses.

With Dimensional Packing, they can utilize incremental packaging, which automatically directs items to the next size box if they don’t fit into a default box. The feature also led to the brand utilizing poly mailers. These mailers reduced the cost of shipping on their apparel and protective gear.

With ShipperHQ, the brand was able to implement its own Shipping Rules and Dimensional Packing Rules. Now, using the Best-Fit Algorithm, the platform pulls rates that are much more accurate and reliable.

Key features utilized
  • Shipping Rules
  • Dimensional Packing
  • Multi-Origin Shipping

“Working with ShipperHQ has been awesome. Coming from a customer service background, I look for that in any of the tools we use,” said Andrews.

Even when it comes to problem solving, he's had great success in working with ShipperHQ's Account Management team.

Shipping Rule Win!

Moxi Roller Skates gained control over shipping options shown at checkout. If a customer uses a P.O. Box as a shipping address, UPS would be hidden as a carrier method to avoid added shipping fees.

“They answer any question I have, right away. Even if they need to research, they always follow through... I like that they don’t let the tough issues stop things and they continue pushing through to figure things out.”

Brian Andrews

Ecommerce Manager at Moxi Roller Skates

Key Results

Out-skating the competition

Moxi Roller Skate’s replatforming and shipping integration couldn’t have been more timely.

At the end of the day, the biggest impact that ShipperHQ has made on Moxi Roller Skates is good, old cost-cutting. With a shipping partner who works hard to increase profit margins, Moxi Skates spends less time worrying about inaccurate ratings and more time growing its business.

The rate accuracy is the biggest thing I love about the platform, and the customer service... You know someone is going to be on the other side of the email, especially a critical issue that impacts your business.
Brian Andrews
Ecommerce Manager, Moxi Roller Skates

Simply put, they aren’t taking a loss or overcharging on rates anymore.

Plus, Moxi Skates now only accepts orders that it can immediately fulfill which has significantly reduced customer frustration.

Ready to turn your shipping problems into solutions? We can do it.